3 14 mm follicles

So, this AM, my ultrasound showed THREE 14 mm follicles on my right side.  This is great.  They’re on the right, perfect, not blocked or anything, side.  The left had 2 small ones (11 and 12 mm).

I’m guessing they’ll recommend 3 more days of Bravelle, and then trigger.

ETA: I was totally wrong.  1 more day of FSH, skip a day, then trigger.

Cycle 21, CD 9, 2nd day of Bravelle

So, today, I’ll be on my second day of Bravelle.  I’m already feeling pressure and a slight soreness in my ovarian region, as I have come to think of that place down there.  I’m already having to wear my bigger in the waist pants, even though the scale says I haven’t gained any weight.

I’m thinking of calling and finding out the financials for IVF today or tomorrow.  I know that I’m an entire cycle away from that, but I’d like to know the details before I get all invested in a cycle.

Cycle 20, CD 27, 13 DPO

So, second day with no spotting (yesterday, there was just a little bit in the morning).  I found this great website that finally seems to explain the spotting to me, and explains why I’ve stopped spotting but haven’t started my period yet.  Sometimes, it’s just so nice to KNOW something, or at least think I know…


I have spotted, and it is not time for my period. Was it implantation spotting?

Implantation spotting is the exception rather than the rule. Sometimes the procedures themselves can irritate the cervix and cause light brown spotting afterwards. Sometimes when the uterus shifts from being estrogen to progesterone dominant you will get a little bit of spotting. Light spotting can be normal, but contact your physician with any concerns.

Also, there’s this as an explanation of why the spotting has stopped and then still no period:


I have questions about my symptoms or situations before or after a treatment cycle. My period has been usually light or heavy since my last cycle with Clomid or injectables. Or, I have not even gotten it yet, although my beta was negative. Is this normal?

Yes, it is normal for menses to be light, heavy, or simply different, due to the hormone levels being different. Also, progesterone supplements can delay the onset of menses. Most women don’t start their periods until the progesterone level drops to somewhere between 2-4, which may take a few extra days.


Cycle 20, CD 23, 9 DPO, Spotting

So, I just started spotting.  I actually saw something this morning that looked like spotting and I decided I must be crazy, but now, I’m sure.  I’m so upset.  I’m so mad.  I’m so sad.  I’m just so… everything.

I know, I know.  It’s just spotting.  Some people spot.  Then, those people can still be pregnant.  Implantation spotting.  Keep up the hope, yes, yes.  But I just feel awful right now.  I’m supposed to be running errands, but instead I came home and sat down with my dogs and did all kinds of stupid things, like looked for charts where women spotted and were still pregnant.  It didn’t really help any to see that, I just feel like they are in some place where I’m never going to be.  It’s so hard to remember that they may have felt just like I do right now on a month where they were pregnant.  It’s just so hard.

I just don’t think I can go out, drive around and pretend to be okay right now.  I think this is a moment where I get to call a time out on being good and responsible, take a nap, and just be okay with being not okay.

In completely unrelated to this, but to another post, I ended up really disliking Water for Elephants.

Cycle 20, CD 15, 1 DPO(?), and 3 Days Past Trigger

So, here it is — 1 day past when I’ve decided to mark ovulation so that on April 1, I’ll be 12 DPO and 14 days past the trigger shot.  Part of our instructions are to have intercourse (or as the nurse on the phone called it: time for us to “be together”) today.  Well, it turns out that today is not such a good day for that.  We’ve both been busy all day.  I left for work at 6:45 AM and got home at 8:15 PM.  DH is STILL at work (at 9:15 PM).  He called to tell me that he can’t come home for a while, and I reminded him that today is the day by asking him if he had on his business socks like from this song:

Hopefully, we won’t be too tired later. We can take this advice to heart:  “two minutes in heaven is better than one minute in heaven.”

I guess I should go take a bath and relax a bit… and get ready for business time.

Cycle 20, CD 9, Day 2 of FSH (Bravelle)

So, I’m almost done with all these medications and thankfully think that I have made it through with very little to report in the way of problems or side effects.  Giving allergy shots for 3 years made me pretty much a pro at the Bravelle, though I was a little nervous, for no reason at all, with the first shot.  Today, I was listening to my audio book… and barely even noticed I’d given the shot.

Thursday (day after tomorrow), I go in for my labs and ultrasound. I don’t have any idea what labs they’re doing.  I guess some sort of hormone.  I’m wondering about this ultrasound and imagine my ovaries being full of lumps that look like M&Ms, with the technician trying to count them and measure them, like a kid does with a handful of M&Ms, saving the green (or blue maybe) ones for last.

I’ve done some silly things today to help there be more follicles — kept my feet warm, exercised (but not too hard), drank whole milk (ick, who can really stand that stuff), and some gentle stretching.  Now, let’s hope there are enough–but not too many — follicles for that trigger shot and then some really, really good luck.

In other weird news, I had a TERRIBLE taste in my mouth yesterday and today.  I worried it was from avoiding carbs, so had a piece of candy.  It’s still there, not as bad, but definitely still there.  Maybe a side effect of Clomid?  Or, maybe I’m getting a sinus infection!  Who knows???