IVF Cycle #2, Day 1

So, we’re there, one entire day late, today.  I just started my period this morning.  I have an ultrasound and some bloodwork tomorrow and start BCP on Saturday.  I’ll do the BCP until the end of February, then once I start my period again, I start stimulation.  This time, I’m doing Metformin and some other stuff that’s different (that I can’t remember right now).


In other news, on day 12 of the diet, I’m down 5 pounds.  That puts me down 10 pounds total since January 1.  This really feels good.
Making progress helps me stay on track.  I went to my favorite store today, with my $20 coupon, and bought a few much needed tops, including one to wear out to dinner for DH’s birthday.  Hopefully, by then, I’ll be almost another 5 pounds lighter.  I’m going to try to get to yoga twice this weekend, on top of my usual working out.

Back to IVF news, I’ve decided to do yoga to relax instead of acupuncture.  I just didn’t get out of acupuncture what I think other people get out of it.  I might do a few acu sessions right before the retrieval and at transfer.   But maybe not.

4 “Fabulous” Embryos on Day 2

So, we still have 4 embryos.  When the person (she’s some sort of counselor, who I think is in charge of these phone calls in case one of us flip out) called to tell me the news, she said that my embryos look fabulous.  Fabulous 4!  The Fab 4!  Ha, isn’t that exciting?

Now, we can nickname each of the embryos, John, Paul, George and Ringo.  My DH is not particularly fond of The Beatles so he is not amused by my nicknames.  I think it’s funny though, so poo on him.

Tomorrow, I go in for acupuncture at 9:30 AM, then the transfer at 10 AM.  I have to take a valium and progesterone suppositories before I go in and drink 25 ounces of water.  I guess I’ll be feeling really relaxed… but still have to go pee.

1 week till IVF meds arrive

Dear Potential Embryos that Will Develop Into My Baby(ies):

I believe in you.


Your Momma

I’m pretty much obsessed with this song (though I do believe in organic food, ha) because I’ve decided to make my focus and calming words “I believe in this working out.’

I have to go for acupuncture today, and the last three times I’ve gone I just worried the entire time.  Today, I’m going to take this time as my time to relax and be positive, instead of worrying about everything (money, work, school, my dogs, my house, groceries, etc…)

Second day of Birth Control Pills

So, I started my birth control pills last night, and I already feel like crap.  I hate those things and have no idea how other women take them for years and years on end.  I’m considering calling my RE and begging her to let me use the Nuvaring.  I mean, really, what can be so different?  They both control my cycle and they both prevent pregnancy.

I know, I know, it’ll all be worth it.  But what’s a blog for if I don’t get to bitch and moan a little bit???

In other news, I’ve been to acupuncture 4 times now.  It obviously is not magic since I’m not magically pregnant.  It is relaxing.  Last time, I think he forgot about me because I was in there for like 40 minutes.  I totally fell asleep.  He seems to be mostly focused on helping with my arthritis, which is fine.  Whatever he’s doing is making my shoulders hurt a little less, though I haven’t seen any big differences, really, in any thing.  I’m just going to think of acupuncture as fancy meditation… or maybe an expensive nap.

Between acu and all the ultrasounds, I really must invest in more work skirts.  See, for both of these things I have to undress from either the waist up or the waist down.  Since I live in SC, pants are pretty much a NO during summer (too hot!).  Last summer, I wore dresses to work all summer… but now, I’m having to wear one of my 3 skirts every day I have an U/S or Acu… which has turned out to be a lot of days…

In other news, later this week, I will be researching my protocol.  I’m not doing Lupron, which is the medicine I kept hearing about. I’m doing Follistim and Lodos (spelling?).  I’d like to know what this protocol is called…

Cycle Day Unknown!

So, I am not keeping track of my cycle this time, at all. I had to look on my phone (I have a cycle tracking app) Wed to answer the IVF nurse’s question about when my period is due.  It feels great.  I’m tired of knowing how many more days until my period starts.  Who needs to know that, really???

Wednesday’s appointment was all about IVF.  The RE walked in and said, “how long have you been trying?”  I answered, “a year and a half, but that’s 24 cycles for me.”  She replied, “That’s not good.”  HA!  I’ve been telling DH that exact same thing for months now.

We’re set for IVF in August.  I call when my period starts, then go on BCP (ugh, I hate BCP. I tried to talk them into letting me use Nuvaring, but no.  I must take pills). End of July/Beginning of August, we start all the meds for ovarian stimulation (which in my head sounds like the beginning of a summer blockbuster advertisement… IN A WORLD…!).  Then I go live with the RE for a month, or close to it.

I’m thinking I will do acupuncture with this cycle. I’m way too rational (translation: skeptical) to think acu is magic, but I do think that it might be calming. I could use some calm.  Calm is nice.  Bring on the calm, but don’t charge me too much for it.  Speaking of charging, I think I’m going to sell stuff on e-bay to help pay for all this.