Self-imposed Hiatus

After my last post, I took a self-imposed hiatus from all things related to children or adoption, including signing into this blog.  Thanks to y’all for reading and commenting.  It really helped today when I logged in and saw those words.

I was just having a hard time finding patience and understanding, and I thought living in a possibility-free world for a while would help.  It did — a bit, though I’m still frustrated and sad and worried about how long everything is taking.  I keep telling myself that things will happen — or they  won’t, and either way I’ll go on. 


4 thoughts on “Self-imposed Hiatus

  1. I’m glad you’re feeling better after a little break. I’m sure this is something you’ve already thought of or done, but is there someone you can contact to see what’s going on/why it’s taking so long, or just to remind them that you’re still around and waiting? it just seems crazy to me that there aren’t already children out there just waiting to be placed in a loving home.

    • It seems crazy to me to, but I think we’re still on hold because we have a situation with kids already who have to be factored in. I called our counselor and she said our file has been presented for a couple of kids already, but we haven’t been matched up yet.

      Thanks for your thoughts and comment!

  2. i hope you are doing ok. i am sorry for the waiting and the wondering when. i wish i could see into the future for you and tell you how it all turns out. but if we could do that, we’d never develop the patience and thick skin that the future might require. dont lose hope. it’s only been 4-5 months since you passed the home study. that’s relatively short on the adoption time scale.

    have you talked to others in the domestic adoption sphere about dealing with the wait? any good suggestions?

    • I spoke with the counselor, and she said exactly waht you said — we’re still short-timers. It feels so long, though, really.

      I’m having a hard time hearing any one else’s story right now; it feels like EVERYONE EXCEPT ME has a happy ending. I know this isn’t true, but I can’t get past it in my head right now. I think this feeling will fade, but so far it hasn’t.

      Thanks for the comment, really. It’s so nice that y’all care enough to write me, even in my terrible mood.

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