I’m Angry

I’m angry.  I’m so angry that there are assholes in the world how kill dogs by leaving them in the car while they go into the mall.

I’m angry these assholes get to have 7 children and have 2 die from PNEUMONIA, a completely treatable illness.

I’m so mad that I live in a state where tons of kids are not cared for, where there are thousands of children without a home, yet I haven’t had a single phone call.

I could go on and on.

I read an article today from Jimmy Fallon about hanging on and sticking it out and realizing it will all be okay (thanks for that, Daryl).  I’m thankful that came into my sphere of existence, but I’m so blinded by hurt and anger that all I can think is that HIS story, the EVERY ONE ELSE’s story will NEVER be my story.

I probably shouldn’t put this vitriole out into the world, but maybe having this moment shared will help me move past these feelings.  



6 thoughts on “I’m Angry

  1. Can I just give you a hug?
    I feel mad every time I read about babies and toddlers left in cars in scorching heat, dying… Any sort of child negligence makes me so, SO MAD.
    And you have far more rights to be mad…

    • Oh, gosh, we just had a case in the new of a mom who left her baby in a SHOPPING CART in a PARKING LOT. I was so upset I started crying when I read that.

      Thank you so much for your comment.

  2. Those faith-not-healing jerks really burn me up. What the hell is wrong with them? The anti-vaccine people too (not that you mentioned them). How could anyone screw with the life of a defenseless kid like that? (I am Not Helping, am I?)

    I really hope you get that call soon. Like, today.

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