Why It Sucks To Be…

1. Waiting on an adoption/foster phone calls

  • They don’t ever come.  Seriously.  It’s been since April and not a peep.  We’re going to a mixer (with kids and counselors) in a couple of weeks.  Hope that gets things moving.

2. Not preventing, but not actually trying

  • So, I can’t remember having my period in July. I know I had my period about mid-June because I was glad it was finished before our vacation.  That means that either a) I’m pregnant or b) I completely forgot having my period.  I don’t feel pregnant, whatever that means, so I’m sure I’m just either about to start, or I’m having some sort of other issue. I’m mildly considering getting a pregnancy test, but that seems like a waste of money.

In NO-other news, life has been boring for me.  I’ve been working and vacationing and hanging with my pups and not much else.  I’ve been excited by the good news… like a BFP and a Baby!

4 thoughts on “Why It Sucks To Be…

  1. I would reevaluate — are you using an agency (and if so, could the agency be to blame)? Are your criteria for the kind of child(ren) you will accept too narrow? Waiting since April sounds … odd.

    • We’re adopting through DSS, so apparently waiting a year or more is to be expected. Or it could happen in a minute.

      I’ll check on the criteria… thanks for the advice and comment.

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