Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

I feel like I’ve spent way too much time in my life, waiting.  There always seems to be some reason to wait and wait and wait, all before I can act.

There was the wasted year spent waiting on a whole year to go by before I was diagnosed as infertile.

Then there was the 6 months spent waiting on me to go through the IUI process before IVF.

Then the time wasted on the two failed IVFs.

Then the year spent waiting on approval for adoption.

Now, I have to spend time waiting on a phone call…

Either from a job, wanting a second interview.  And if that call comes, and if that job works out, my whole life will have to change, and I’ll have to start the waiting all over again, since it’s in a different state.

And, if that call doesn’t come, I waiting for a call from the adoption people, calling with information about children.  Then, who knows what other kind of waiting there will be.

Does it seem like this to everyone else, or is it just me, where life seems to be just one more period of waiting, one after another.


7 thoughts on “Waiting and Waiting and Waiting

  1. The waiting is just nerve wracking. All of it.

    When we were fostering and waiting for an adoption placement, all of our calls for placements had come (usually) to my office phone. My cell phone second, my husband’s cell third. When the call came for Mea, we were called at home, they called on the house phone, during a power outage, while we were taking cover in our bathroom during a tornado watch. I am surprised that I even answered the phone.

    I have often wondered what would have happened to us, or to Mea if I hadn’t.

  2. i love that you say, time “wasted on failed ivf” and in contrast, time “spent waiting on approval for adoption”. i’m excited for the future for you and i know the current wait will be worth it in the end:)

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