Cracking Up

No, I’m not emotionally or mentally cracking up, though maybe I will be soon.  

All of my technology is cracking up.  Seriously.  My sweet-but-careless stepson stepped on my laptop and cracked my screen.  I have a pretty nice laptop that I saved and saved for, so replacing it is not an easy job since it would cost well over a thousand dollars.

Then, today, for no apparent reason, my cell phone screen cracked. I didn’t drop it or change temperature or anything. I just sat it down in my car the way I’ve done a thousand times before and the screen shattered.

This means that everything I’m looking at lately, for work and for typically personal, fun type of internet use, is distorted.

I wonder if it means something, like if the universe is sending me a message, or if it’s just that I’m seeing meaning in coincidence.

In adoption news: there is no news.  No phone calls.  Nada.

In life news: I have a phone interview this week.  I’m so nervous about it, and I’m even more nervous if I actually get the job.  It would mean so, so, so much change and so much change quickly.  I don’t do well with quick changes.  I would say to wish me luck, but I don’t know if I mean it.  

Maybe just wish me clarity…

8 thoughts on “Cracking Up

  1. 😦 I’m having a similar problem: my beloved Mac has totally crashed and I can’t access it. All our photos are on there, so trying not to panic.

    Sorry about your laptop and phone. That sucks.

  2. Wishing you clarity! I know what you mean about not liking quick change. I need time to wrap my brain around what’s happening before leaping forward with it. Sometimes change is good, though!

    Sorry about the tech stuff. It’s amazing how much we depend on that stuff, and when it isn’t working properly–it’s chaos! Or, at least, super inconvenient.

  3. bleh, that sucks about your phone and computer:( hope you get replacements sooner than later.

    what kind of job are you applying for?! would be excited to hear……..?

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