Give Me Patience

I’m not a religious person, but since I have been raised in the Bible belt, I know a thing or two about religion.  In fact, I just took those Pew research surveys that were all the rage last week on Fac.ebook and got a 100% on the religion quiz.

Anywho, as I am not a religious person, I’ve not been inducted into formalized praying, you know night time prayers and praying for sick folks.  My family is more of the “my thoughts are with you” and lemme-bring-you-a-casserole persuasion.  That being said, all day today, I’ve been thinking, “oh, please give me patience.  Let me be able to wait for the right child to come into my life.  Patience, yeah.  I need a little patience,” which is the closest I ever come to praying. Seriously, that thought or one like it has been on a loop, in the back of my head, ever since I got an email from my counselor today.

See, we went on AdoptUsKids and looked at some of the kids there.  I wrote my counselor to ask about them, and she wrote back, really quickly, with details.  None, not one, of those kids is a good fit for our family (we have other kids and two, small, sweet doggies).  My counselor, who is a sweet, sweet person, reminded me, kindly, to be patient.

So, I’m trying.

BTW, if you want to see some funny/disturbing stuff, “Give Me Patience.”  Most of the image results show images of little pictures like this one:

6 thoughts on “Give Me Patience

  1. Patience is reeeeeaaaallly hard! Especially when you see those kids just waiting for a family. But the right one will find your family. It’s going to happen!

  2. I think the wait between becoming licensed and having an adoption placement is worse than the wait to decide, the wait to be approved, or anything.

    I remember only too well looking at AdoptUsKids, and thinking, “This is going to be the one! (Or two!)” Only to contact the worker and have them tell us no.

    I was about to quit when they called us for Mea. Don’t give up, it really does take patience. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Kelly. I think that website is no good for me… so I’m just not going to go back to it.

      And patience is needed. I think also I need to get a very time consuming hobby. That might help, eh?

  3. har! love the ecard:)

    i know this is no fair comparison AT ALL. but after our 13.5 year old rescued swissie mix passed 4 years ago and we sat shiva for a month (pretty literally. he was terribly important to our family structure (me and dh and stepkids) and losing him was the hardest thing that we’d been through together at that point), we were ready to adopt another rescue, but we loved that swissie so much that we applied with breeders and kept checking in with all-breed/mutt rescues. we were contacted by a breeder after months of waiting and could have gotten the instant gratification of a swissie pup from a responsible breeder, but we knew that it wasnt the right fit. so we waited and waited. and eventually the right rescue for our family showed up. we adopted him and he is the perfect fit. i was glad we had patience and wish you tons more patience with your tons more serious decision!!!

    you are wise. you will know what works for your family and what does not.

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