Waiting To Scan

So, finally after 11 long days of patiently waiting on my counselor person to get in touch with me, I caved and emailed her.  

See, on April 12, I wrote to check on things, heeding the advice that it’s not good to be “forgotten.”  She said, then, that all we were waiting on is signatures.  As I work in education, I realize that sounds easier than it actually is.

Then, I heard nothing. I think I was supposed to just wait.  Today, I just couldn’t though.  

I found out that all they’re waiting to do now is scan us into some system so that we can be seen statewide and considered by workers across the state.

I’m so excited to know what we are, finally, actually done with an entire step.  I wish there were a way to find out what is next, like not a general feeling, like I wish I had a crystal ball and that I could see into the future.

In other news… the friend I was talking about earlier, well today, she found out she’s pregnant from her very first IVF.  I feel so happy for her, so relieved that one of us, finally, has some really great and positive news.  I guess I think of infertility as a big mean kid and every time one of us beats it, it’s a victory for the good and kind and sweet people in the world. 

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