Weird Blind Data, AKA First home study interview

Okay, so I kind of feel like I just went on the weirdest blind date ever, except there was no dinner or drinks.

Back to where we left off last time:

The rat remained unfound.  The smell went away, though, so we’re counting this as the best possible outcome that doesn’t involve ripping apart our entire house.  My hope is that the creature was under the house, not in the attic, and that the smell was just so bad that we could smell it all over the house.

And, we passed our house inspection.  There is lead paint in the shutters outside that we will have to eventually get rid of, but other than that, there was nothing to worry about.  Since DH  was here for that inspection, I didn’t get a firsthand report, but that’s what he said the inspector said.

Today, it was the first homestudy visit.  The counselor person came over and asked a bunch of questions, like you would on a first date, but they were way more personal.  Since the questions were about us and our lives, I’m pretty sure it’s not like I could have given wrong answers.  Still, it was so weird. I had never met this person before and she was asking me about what I did in high school, what my relationship with my ex-husband was like, and what my stepchildren like to do.  I know that’s what they’re supposed to do and that’s it’s actually good, but for someone private like me, it was very uncomfortable.

But, the good news is DH and the kids will be over for the next visit, so they can do all the talking.  I think after Sunday’s visit, we’re done with all the getting ready stuff.  I have to admit that I’m glad this part is almost done.

6 thoughts on “Weird Blind Data, AKA First home study interview

  1. You’re getting so close! I can’t imagine how weird the process is, and those personal questions would get to me, too. But it’ll all be worth it really soon!

  2. omg, hahahaha!!! i’m glad the smell went away. there’s only so much to a rat, i guess. cant take too long to decompose to the point of not smelling?

    i’m really happy for you to be at this point with things chugging along. i know what you mean about being a private person. i’m glad you are surviving the nose-pokedness in tact and that things seem like they keep moving forward for you!

    how old is your house by the way? just curious. between the rats and the lead paint, it sounds a lot like my place, hahaha!!! i’m sure we have lead paint on our radiators, which we are getting sandblasted in this summer (not to mention they look awful with layers of paint from 100 years ago, bleh). nice that you escaped lead indoors.

  3. During our home visit, and during the questioning about past relationships, I was so worried. I had never been married before, but my husband had been multiple times before me. (Long story, but I am wife number five, and marriage number six.) I kept thinking that they would never let us adopt since he appeared to be a revolving door when it came to marriage. I stressed and worried about it for weeks.

    Then nothing more was ever said about it. You just never know!

  4. It sounds like you’re doing great! I can’t even imagine how weird it must be. I have so much admiration for people who are able to go through all of the vetting associated with adoption — it takes such strength.

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