Dead Rat in the Attic

No, this title is not some clever line from a song or a poem.  Dead rat in the attic is what I currently have.  

I also have a DH and his friend up in the attic with TyveK suits crawling around with hammers and crow bars, trying to find a rat nest to remove said dead, decomposing creature before…

our DHEC visit.  On Wednesday!  Yes, two days from today.  Actually like 36 hours from now, we’re supposed to be proving that we’re clean enough to adopt kids.  

While I rationally know that the dead rat came about because said DH heard a rat and didn’t want there to be a rat infestation in our home, I am irrationally sure that the DHEC inspection will be like “you have something decomposing in your house?  Ewww, no way, lady.”

I really hope that the dead creature can be found and removed, but given the amount of searching about over my head, I think they’re not having much luck. 

At least I can say we tried to have it removed.  That’ll count for something, right?


8 thoughts on “Dead Rat in the Attic

  1. Did they find it? Oh, you’re leaving me hanging! So long as the social worker can’t smell anything, you should be fine.

    Funny story from our last homestudy inspection…some random drunk guy decided to hang out on our porch while she was interviewing us. Yeah, and drunk dude was moaning loudly the whole time. WTH! I was mortified, but it wasn’t even an issue with the social worker.

    Good luck! I hope it all goes well! Can’t wait to get an update!

  2. GROSS! I am WAY too familiar with the smell of dead rat in an attic. We had it happen at a paper I worked at all the time. It was the worst during the sweltering Alabama summers. I SO hope they found it. Otherwise, get out a pot, fill with water and add cloves, cinnamon sticks oranges and any other yummy spice you have and boil the hell out of it. It will help the house smell better for sure, and will make you look like M. Stewart 🙂 Good luck with the inspection!

  3. I scrubbed my house from top to bottom, and they barely even looked at it. Peaked a head in each room. Made note of exits, windows, etc. That was it.

    Hope they find the rat, because eww.

  4. When I was inspected for foster care – they literally said “yeah as long as you don’t have a meth lab in your garage you’ll be fine” :/ If all else fails and they don’t find it break out the febreze!

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