Mittelschmerz and Just a GYN

When I was trying to get pregnant, it seemed like EVERYONE was pregnant, or trying to get pregnant again, or knew someone who was pregnant.  And, EVERYWHERE I went was full of pregnant people.  For a while, it was totally fine and didn’t bother me at all. Then, it became, well, you’re reading this, so you know what it was like. Now, though, that I’m not trying anymore, I don’t notice as much, and it’s almost like everyone has stopped getting pregnant. I think that’s the blue car syndrome in effect right there.  

This past week, I went in for my annual lady-parts check up, expecting to walk into a room full of big-bellied ladies, and to my surprise, there were NO pregnant ladies anywhere in the waiting room.  When I went in the back with my Dr., who I’ve been seeing since I was 22, he explained: his practice is just GYN now. No OB.  For those of you still in the trenches and experiencing your own “pregnant ladies are everywhere” pain, you might look for a Just a GYN doctor.  

In other news, my mittelschmerz is back. It is awful.  When I sneeze (it’s almost pollen season here in the south), it’s like a knife in my stomach and the cramping two days ago nearly had me prostrate.  I wonder if I can eat more spinach or something and make this stop.  Right now, I’m just using advil and a heating pad, which is pretty effective.  I once did those ovulation strips testing to see if I was ovulating, and that month my mittelschmerz corresponded exactly with those strips, which was pretty cool to observe.  Right now, though, it’s just annoying and uncomfortable.

We have our fire inspection coming up next week.  Then, it’s just the health inspection and the homestudy.  I went to last night and looked around on the website for  a while. Some of those children have been through so much.  It breaks my heart to think about it, really.


12 thoughts on “Mittelschmerz and Just a GYN

  1. I’m sorry you’re in pain. I hope it doesn’t last long.

    I’ve also perused that website, and my heart breaks for some of those kids. I wish we were in a more settled place so I could do something about it.

  2. I just stopped going to the OB/GYN as I obviously didn’t really need either. I think I’ll start to look for a GYN only now…

    There are some back pain heat therapy patches that I find to work well. The heating pad works too, but kind of difficult to bring to work.

  3. last time i was at the ob/gyn a pregnant woman came in on crutches, extinguishing a cigarette as she walked through the door. i would have been less shocked if i had seen a dinosaur driving a convertible.

    hope your pain goes away quickly, your nap needs let up, and your paper work keeps on making its way through:)

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