Afternoon Naps

Lately, which seems to be somewhat correlated to the start of Imuran in my medication regimen, I can’t make it through a day without taking a nap.  Today, I had some stuff to do this afternoon and told myself that I would absolutely not be able to take a nap.  

Yeah, that worked until 4 PM when I laid down on the couch and passed out for 45 minutes.  I was so asleep that I ground my teeth and woke up with a sore jaw.  I guess this is just a side effect of the medication, but wow, it is unexpected. 

I really need to get some paperwork together for the rest of the adoption stuff — that was on my list, but instead I’m now nursing a cup of coffee and hoping to be awake in time for supper.

I doubt anyone out there reading this is on Imuran, but I wonder if this could be fixed if I took the meds at a different time of day?  Right now, I’m taking it at night.


One thought on “Afternoon Naps

  1. No idea about the medication. I am, however, a little jealous of your ability to take a 45 minute nap. I came home sick from work today and took closer to a three hour nap–which is the norm for me, not sickness related, and is why I never take them. I hope changing the time you take it helps. So excited for you to take another step closer to adoption!

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