Where (we’re) at — (not at) two turntables with a microphone

I thought of writing this entry as a rhyme a la Beck, but then realized I’m way too lazy for that.

We’re almost done with all the paperwork.  The Graduation/Christmas/start of semester slowed us down — that and the fact that our home study won’t happen till next month at the earliest, so the incentive to rush and get stuff done was removed.   

Today, I came home and took a nap with the dogs.  It was lovely.  We’ve been having summer in January in the south (seriously.  The flowers are blooming), and it’s about to get cool-ish again, almost cold.  As I woke up from my nap and thought of how nice it is, I also thought about how much I would have liked to not have time for that… how I’d like to have been busy with some wee little folks instead.  It’s finally feeling like maybe, just maybe that will be a reality soon.

Sidenote, unrelated:  To all the stepmoms out there — those ex-wives can be some crazy ladies, can’t they?  I hear stories all the time about the wicked stepmother, but those stories were obviously not written by someone in a situation like mine!


10 thoughts on “Where (we’re) at — (not at) two turntables with a microphone

  1. Wow, i feel so relieved when I read your posts. I feel like we are in very similar situations, although I’m never brave enough to post about my husband’s ex-wife in fear that during one of her manic moods she will some how track my blog down, break the password protected code and read all of the hurt she has caused me.

    Crazy doesn’t even cut it.

    • I know what you mean about the fear of being found out. I almost didn’t even post that comment. But, seriously, that lady is cray-cray. I’m glad you posted and now I can follow your blog.

  2. So many times people thought we were crazy for “starting over.” Mack was 13 when we started the process, the big girls in their twenties. I wouldn’t change it for anything ever.

    My husband’s ex-wife is a total lunatic, she needs to get over herself. I have finally gotten rid of my ugly step-mother wart, although at times with the big girls I have wondered if it was growing back.

  3. sounds great about things moving forward with adoption!! i’m excited for you:) and for your dogs. i think it’s great for kids to be around dogs. no doubt therapeutic, especially for a kid that is making their way to their forever family.

    i hear you about x’s. i wish my husband’s x would just get abducted by aliens. or a giant pterodactyl or something. hope your xdrama is manageable at least. and if not, the next time the aliens or pterodactyls contact me to arrange anything, i can point a few of them in your direction.

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