Distractable Days

Do you ever have those days where you can’t focus, can’t do anything?  That is so me today. I haven’t finished a single thing today, not even the dishes.  I’ve started about 20 things, but mostly, I’ve just moved from one room to another, vaguely picking up one thing, putting it away, then moved to another room to pick up some other thing.

I’ve been trying to cut back on caffeine, so I’m going to blame that.  I remember now what is so hard about being infertile and trying to not be (beside all the horrible emotional devastation and constant poking and prodding by physicians and technicians).. No Coffee.  Oh, man, I need more caffeine.

During the dissertation process, I did not curtail my consumption at all, so I was up to about 5 cups of coffee some days.  Now, I’m trying to survive on 1 or 1 1/2 in the AM, then tea in the afternoon.  I know, I really do, that copious amounts of caffeine is bad for me… but oh, I miss it so.

The Oatmeal knows what I mean:

2 thoughts on “Distractable Days

  1. agree, having to cut back on caffeine (in the form of coffee, who cares about diet soda?) is the pits. i tried decaf, but it sucked. then i tried half-caf (see will ferrell in kicking and screaming), and the crappy taste of the decaf just wrecked the taste of my usual french press french roast… so i said why bother? if i cant have good coffee, i dont want it at all:(

    have you ever smelled coffee fruit/beans right from the tree? i was at a conservatory near my little sister’s college and they had a coffee tree in one of the exhibits and the beans smelled soooooooo lovely. earthier and obviously not roasted, but you tell all the molecules you love so much were in there just waiting to make it into a cup:)))

    good luck with your coffee transition…

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