Doctor, doctor

I successfully defended my dissertation last Friday, which means that I’m one revision and an edit away from being DONE, like really finally finished, with my dissertation.

It feels so good to be here.

I also only have to get a few more documents turned in and get a homestudy scheduled, then I’ll be finished with adoption stuff and just waiting for a placement.  It’s exciting.

Other news: go vote today!  I’ll second Daryl and say I try not to get political, but I hope everyone who can is voting based on real issues that actually affect your lives.  

6 thoughts on “Doctor, doctor

  1. CONGRATULATIONS, DOC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    what a relief! that is excellent. and things are moving along with adoption as well?!… what a big year for you!! i’m sure you’ll feel really glad to have your phd out of the way and be able to focus on next steps – including hopefully, successful fostering/adoption and your career. i’m super excited for you and wishing you all the best!

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