World Psoriasis Day

Today is world psoriasis day, a day all about raising awareness about psoriasis.  I know that this is technically an infertility blog, so maybe not as focused on fixing all the problems in the world… but since psoriasis is an autoimmune condition and my infertility is too, they definitely go together.

I post here just because I would like you, my wonderful readers, to understand that psoriasis isn’t just an itchy patch of skin, it can be debilitating in so many ways for many people.  We need better and less expensive treatment.  Since I wasn’t actually born with psoriasis, but was triggered by a strep infection, I think we also need to figure out how this stuff works and make it go away.

5 thoughts on “World Psoriasis Day

  1. i had no idea that arthritis was associated with psoriasis… 2/3 of my brothers had psoriasis when they were very young (toddlers), and then it went into remission following topical steroid treatment and plenty of sunshine. i wonder if they will have issues later in life….?

    how are you holding up with making it through a flare-up and the stress of dissertation wrap-up???

    • Oh, the flare is pretty awful. I just keep hoping it will go away completely.

      As to your brothers, I think some people have a little episode, it gets better and then goes away completely. Hopefully that will be the case for them.

      • :((((( hope it settles down. haha, i dont want to be like one of those a-holes who tells us, “just relax and you’ll get pregnant!”, but perhaps once the drama of wrapping up your thesis is over and your life gets back to normal, you can focus on feeling better…? (notice i said “focus on feeling better” and not, “everything will just get better”… i do not believe in magic or bullsh*t)…… best wishes…….

  2. I have a friend who also has psoriatic arthritis. I think she’s finally gotten her diet and meds figured out so that she’s feeling much better these days, but it was really hard for her–some days, to even get out of bed–for a long time. I hope you start to feel a lot better once the stress of your dissertation has passed.

    • When PA starts, it’s really, really painful. I had days where I couldn’t move too, but now, thankfully, those days don’t really happen. I need to get back to healthy eating, I bet your friend agrees with me that diet is really important.

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