What’s That? A light? And, I can see it…?

I have turned in chapters 1-4 of my dissertation to my committee.  It is 134 pages of torture and pride, anxiety and knowledge so far.

I’ve written chapter 5, just have to revise and pull appendices and references together.  Then, a presentation, the a defense, then a revision… then DONE.

Then, the job market and the push to publish all this data.

But… did you see that DONE word up there?  I can actually tell that soon, so soon, I will be DONE with this thing. It will be published and over and oh, man, am I ready for that.

Maybe at some point soon, I can get back to healthy eating and water instead of coffee.


6 thoughts on “What’s That? A light? And, I can see it…?

  1. omg, you are SO CLOSE. that is excellent. congratulations.

    we (ok) at least i, wanna know more about what you researched and wrote your dissertation on?!

    • Oh, my dissertation is so flipping confusing. I had a professor once tell me that I needed to have an elevator speech where I could describe my project in 30 seconds. I haven’t gotten there yet. It’s about innovation and two-year colleges and leadership is the shortest version I can come up with.

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