Blame it on the …???

Back when I was tracking every moment and minutiae of my cycles, I always had a reason for things happening.  If my boobs hurt, I’d say “oh, I must be about to start my period.”  If I cried while listening to a commercial on the radio, well, obviously my period was about to start.

Now that I’m just living life and not paying that stuff attention, it’s so hard to know WHY things are happening.  Today, I had to stop listening to the audio book of Har.ry Pot.ter and the Deat.hly Ha.llows because I was crying about Her.mione erasing her parents’ memories of her.  I don’t think, though, that I’m anywhere near starting my period (didn’t I just have that???).

So, I guess I’ll just blame it on the tetons….



10 thoughts on “Blame it on the …???

    • It really is. I read a satirical book review type of writing the other day about what if Hermione had been the main character of the book, instead of Harry. It made me want to re-read the books and think about them a bit differently.

  1. Sometimes you just need a good cry, I guess. But it must be so freeing to not be keeping track of every real and imagined symptom of your cycle. It can drive a person crazy.

  2. Regarding your comment above — was the review you read by Sady Doyle? I loved that SO MUCH! I am totally her fangirl.

    But yeah, I remember that feeling from when I stopped tracking. It’s different from never having done it, because you always remember what it felt like to be so on top of your cycle. It was weird and disconcerting for me for a few months.

    • That was the one, Sady Doyle. I loved it too. In fact, I just went and re-read it again, loving this line even more: “It’s only by treating ourselves to the irritation caused by Harry that we can fully appreciate Hermione herself.” I actually like Harry, but he doesn’t make for much of a hero sometimes.

      Yes, it is disconcerting. It’s like losing a part-time job or something, I have a lot of what feels like extra time sometimes… when I’m not writing down information that never really mattered to me anyway.

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