3 Years Ago

So, 3 years ago, at about this same time, I came home from a family vacation 100% certain that I was finally, after 7 whole months, KU.  I was late for my period, you see, by about 2 or 3  days according to all those lovely, newly discovered charting tools on fert.ility frie.nd.  I’d had some pink spotting for a day during the vacation… then nothing.  I remember carefully placing my hands on my stomach as I went to sleep at night and sending gentle soothing thoughts to my uterus.

Then my period started, with a vengeance, when I got home.  I was devastated and remember thinking that I’d never ever feel good after that day.

But, 3 years later, I just went on our annual family vacation and except for my stepson’s annoying friend, I had an absolutely wonderful time.  More than that, I don’t even know what cycle this is or what day of the cycle I’m on.  Since I have a zit on my face, I guess I’m after ovulation, but maybe that zit came from rubbing sunscreen all over my face multiple times a day.  Either way, I just don’t care.  I am just glad to have had a week at the lake, with lots of sunsets and naps and fireworks and great food (mostly great food I made even!).



3 thoughts on “3 Years Ago

  1. Sometimes it’s hard for me to look back over our nearly 2.5 year journey and not feel sad, and sorry for that version of myself who thought it would be so easy. Who thought every cycle that it was THE cycle because it coincided with a holiday, an anniversary, a birthday, or the due date did, or any other manner of signs. But we didn’t know then what we know now, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

    I’m glad you were able to have a nice vacation free from the worries and hassles of TTC. I hope to be having a similar one myself in a few weeks, regardless of the outcome of this cycle.

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