Falling While Thinking of Squirrels

Yesterday, I went for a run with the dogs.  As I ran, I was thinking of things, including of all weird things, what the dogs think of me.  I was jogging along, about a mile into the run (.68 to be exact), when I wondered what the dogs would say for my epitaph.  I have just decided it would be something like “Nice enough, but not much of a squirrel hunter” when BLAM, I tripped over the sidewalk and fell into a brick wall and onto my left leg.

Now, I have a big, nasty abrasion on my left leg and some big scratches on my arm.  Image

Why do I tell you this, besides the fact that it is pretty funny… plus how many other people do you know who can injure themselves (not like a pulled muscle) while jogging?  Yeah, graceful I am not.

Well, I tell you because I think that me falling while jogging might be a good reminder that we never know what is coming up, one step I was putting one foot in front of the other more quickly than if I were walking. The next, I’m lying on the ground, calling my dog to come back to me b/c I couldn’t get up yet to fetch him.

DH was pretty surprised/sad by my period starting this week.  I’d had that same kind of bleeding I had with each of my IVF cycles — pink  spotting… then nothing for 2 days.  The RE says that might indicate an embryo trying to implant. Usually, I have brown spotting for a few days, then my period.  I told DH about this and he seemed pretty happy to hear about the possible implantation.  I knew better than to get excited.  I think he keeps hoping that we’ll have one of those “we got pregnant AFTER we’d spent $25,000 and it didn’t work” stories.   I know those stories are out there and do exist, but I don’t think we’ll be one of them.  We’ve been not talking about anything important lately, which is nice, but feels like the calm before a storm.

I just hope once we move forward on something it’s not as grody as my leg is right now.  🙂


14 thoughts on “Falling While Thinking of Squirrels

  1. Ouch! Hubby had a similar injury (or four) after falling off his bike about a month ago, and they’re still healing! I like how you’re turning it into a lesson, though. You never know what’s around the corner. I hope it’s something good!

  2. Your internal dialogue before the fall is hilarious. I often wonder what the cats actually think of me. Sadly, i think it is mainly “food food food food food!” 🙂

    • That’s exactly what the cats are thinking… “feed me.” Did you hear about the scientists who thinks cats might infect you with a mind controlling parasite? If that’s true, I think the parasite’s job is to inspire you to feed kitties, even ones you don’t know, like I do.

  3. You’re definitely not the only one who can injure herself while doing simple things. I managed to walk into and trip over (very small) things while walking. I hope you heal quickly!
    As Belle said, the internal dialog is great! I am very sure my cats just can’t figure out why we humans just don’t understand them, they are telling us (over and over) exactly what they want.

  4. I love the life lesson. I too find them everywhere… there’s a screen on an instrument that consistently tells me “YOU ARE ALREADY AT THE BOTTOM!” to which my internal reply is “yes, yes indeed I am”.

    • Ha! That is funny. Funny in an ironic, bitter kind of way, but still funny. I’m glad I don’t have that shown to me over and over again… unnecessary reminder and all that.

  5. ouch!! hope it heals fast. bet that hurts in the shower too:(

    if it makes you feel any better, i fell off my commuter train while trying to climb down the train stairs. it was amazing.

    • Oh, showers are a special kind of event — pain going in… then great… then pain getting out.

      Ugh, about the commuter train stairs. I was thankfully able to fall without an audience, so I got to sit and wallow in my clumsiness for a minute before getting up and trudging back home.

    • Those shoes are the best running shoes ever. They’re kind of like fancy socks, which is perfect since the big, sturdy running shoes made my feet hurt and, I think, gave me shin splints.

  6. Wow… I feel like we are living identical lives. I just came across your blog as I am surfing the web during my 2 ww hoping that my symptoms “match” those of successful pregnant women, and I started reading and thinking how common infertility is and how much it sucks. But then, your latest post, with the fall…. Is exactly me! Last October I was out for a run with my dog, and I only got .38 miles, when I tripped on the sidewalk and then my dog (a boxer) proceeded to continue running dragging me along the sidewalk which resulted In a pretty attractive burn mark and a sprained ankle! Graceful I am not either! Here is to a quick recovery and happiness in whatever you do!

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