IVF#2, 12dp3dt, Day before Beta

Well, I haven’t gone to the store and bought more HPTS, though I really wanted to today.  I figured it would be easier to just know today.  DH and his (frustrating) medical advice reminded me that even with a positive result, we’d need to know the quantitative result to really feel good about things.  And, a negative would just be a mind-fuck since there’s the ever-present question of “What if it’s not sensitive enough??”  I know that FRERs are supposed to pick up at 10 HCG, but what if I’m at 8 today and 14 tomorrow?  Well then, today would be negative and tomorrow would be a (very low) positive.

See what I mean about his advice?  It makes too much sense.  It completely overcomes the “but I could just test today and then we could know… what that test says and then we could wonder if that test was right for the rest of the day” rationale.

I feel exactly the same as I have all week.  After the HCG shot and up until about 3 days after the transfer, I felt bloated and my boobs were sore.  Right now and for most of the week, I’ve just felt tired, like I need a cup of coffee tired, not extreme fatigue or anything.  I’m not cramping.  I had some spotting on days 8, 9, and 10 after the transfer, but it was always just the tiniest amount, with just a tinge of pink.  Now, nothing.  No breast tenderness (even when I poke them).  No nausea.  I’ve been peeing more, but I think that’s probably from a combo of progesterone + drinking TONS of water.

I guess the solution is to just wait until tomorrow. I’ll let the call go to voicemail so I don’t have to react to the news in public (I have to work tomorrow).  Tomorrow is going to be a long day, just a long awful day.  OR, it will be a long awful day until it’s the BEST DAY EVER!  I hope it’s option 2, I really do. I hope I get to tell one of those my HPT was negative at 9 dp3dt but my beta was positive on 13dp3dt stories, ones that also say I felt absolutely the same before I took the test.

5 thoughts on “IVF#2, 12dp3dt, Day before Beta

  1. All your symptoms sound positive. I have my fingers crossed and my hopes up high for you. All the best for getting through these next few hours. Know that there is nothing you can do now – you have done the very best you could. I have said a prayer for you. xx

  2. Oh I’m keeping everything crossed for you! I actually thought about you all weekend, wondering if you were staying strong! Let me know when you get your results. I don’t know if this will put your mind at ease or anything, but my boobs still don’t hurt. I’m trying to take it as a blessing by continuing to enjoy my bra-less evenings 🙂 xoxo

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