IVF #2 6dp3dt (6 days past 3 day transfer)

So, I’ve felt terrible today.  I woke up from a nightmare where I was driving a Jeep with my baby in my lap.

Except that my baby looked like the creature from Little Big Planet (I’ve never played the game — only seen the commercials).  And, the baby was hungry but I couldn’t feed it… because I was driving down a mountain in  a Jeep with a baby on my lap.

Is is too early for Pregnancy Nightmares?  Are pregnancy nightmares a real thing?

After that auspicious beginning, I’ve felt cranky, nauseous, tired, constipated, and bloated for the rest of the day.

Damn the Progesterone!  I guess my hormones levels are changing or being off the higher doses of steroid, or just a general feeling of overwhelmedness has taken over.

I’m trying to stay focused on positive thoughts and happiness outside of this process and as part of the process.

I would also like to write about post about NIAW, about not ignoring infertility, but honestly, all I want to do is ignore it right now. I think I need a nap.  I bet a nap would make everything all better… unless I have the dream again about the little big planet hungry baby!

7 thoughts on “IVF #2 6dp3dt (6 days past 3 day transfer)

  1. I vote for a nap, too! But I always vote for a nap, no matter what the circumstances. Let’s just hope your bad dream ends up being a good sign!

  2. I hope that vivid dream is just one of many more to come, along with morning sickness, extreme fatigue, and smell sensitivity:) It’ll all be wonderful! Hang in there and if you need to ignore IF then ignore it… We’ll remember it in your honor.

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