IVF #2, Transfer Day, 3 embies


So, there they are, my 3 little tee-tee tiny embros.  I sent my mom the picture and she got all teary, saying look at my grandchildren, they’re so darling.  She’s funny that way.

They are 8 cell, Grade A, 6 Cell, Grade B and 4 cell, Grade C.  They all look way better than last transfer (1 8 cell, grade b, 2 6 cells, grade C).

My transfer went well.  I did the intralipids via IV and had acupuncture at the same time.  Then, the very quick transfer.  The bigger embie didn’t want to go in the tube, so they all decided he must be a boy. 🙂

Then another round of acupuncture and home.  My RE has us take Valium before the transfer, so I came home and passed out for about 90 minutes.  That stuff makes me feel really, really weird. I have no idea why anyone would take it recreationally.

I feel much better after this transfer than the last.  Everything feels more in line and more in place.  The last thing the RE said as she was leaving was “Don’t have triplets.”  Ha.  I am going to focus on all three of those embryos growing, and while triplets are not ideal, I’ll love every one and make it work if it happens.  I hope they’re loving their new home. 

Tonight, I start more meds (Yippee… not).  I’ll be doing 2 shots from this point forward: PIO and now Lovenox. Plus all the other stuff…  


8 thoughts on “IVF #2, Transfer Day, 3 embies

    • Oh god, the first time it was so, so awful. The whole time I felt like I was going to cry or pee on someone. I drank 25 oz and then had to wait about an hour to go back.

      This time, I drank about 16 oz (a tervis, regular size one, tumbler amount). I had a full bladder but didn’t feel like I was about to burst. My uterus is flipped the wrong way, so I think I get away with having a less full bladder.

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