IVF#2, Stim Day 11, Day before Trigger

I’m starting this post with a little image that I saw on another blog because right now, what we’re running on is hope.  I hope I have eggs in the follicles on Saturday.  I hope the eggs are mature.  I hope they eggs fertilize and become embryos. I hope the embryos keep growing.  I hope they implant.  And, then, of course, I hope that I get pregnant and have a sweet, wonderful baby this time around.  That’s the biggest hope.  My Circle+Bloom MP3 tells me to let myself hope and think of how the positive outcome will happen — this is what I’m chanting in my mind and trying to direct to my ovaries (and eggs and then embryos).

So, I decided to go ahead with the cycle.  The RE thinks we will get to transfer, even with just 5 follicles, so we are moving forward.  This AM, I had 6 follicles (I think — it all starts to blur as soon as the ultrasound pics show up on the screen).  The biggest one is 21 mm and the smallest is 9 mm; the rest are between 12 and 17 .  There was some discussion about triggering tonight because of the worry of regression, especially with that big one, but my estrogen (E2) levels are still rising, so one more day of stims, then tomorrow night: TRIGGER.

I have no idea how ladies make it with 20+ follicles and eggs.  I’m sore with just six.  The trigger tomorrow night will make Friday an especially fun day. I’ll have to pull out the yoga pants for sure.

In other news, my latest TV obsession is the new season of Glee.  There’s much that I don’t like about Glee, but Blaine is not one of those things.  He is so cute and wears adorable clothes.  The bow tie even works on him — sometimes.

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