IVF #2, Stim Day 8

Things are going along right now.  I have one 12, one 11, a few 8s and 7s and 1 little straggler of a 6.  I think I have 6 or 7 follicles right now.  That’s not many, I know, but maybe they’ll be nice quality eggs and lots will fertilize.

In other news, estrogen/hormone crazies have hit.  It’s so hard to keep talking yourself about things that should be just normal.  Yesterday, I was on my way to take a shower.  DH says in doggie voice (like baby talk) to the dog, “Momma Dog is going to take a shower to get unstinky!  You need to take a shower too” (as in the dog smelled bad, not me).  I cried in the shower because I thought he thought I smelled bad.  Then I realized I was being crazy.  How can hormones make you that wacky?

More bloodwork and another ultrasound tomorrow. 

Still on all the same meds, with 600 Gonal F per day and 15 IU of the low-dose HCG in the afternoon.  It looks like I’ll need 5 more days of stims, so there goes another $1000 bucks.

4 thoughts on “IVF #2, Stim Day 8

  1. I’m glad things are moving along! Sorry about the hormone crazies, but if it makes you feel any better, I get them all the time and I’m not even stimming!

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