IVF #2, Not enough growth

The phone call came yesterday.  The doctor has increased my medicine and is worried that she’s not seeing enough growth.  They are having me come in so the nurse can administer the shots in the office.  I told him that DH is a nurse and has been doing shots — plus I’m pretty skilled at giving shots (since I have to give myself Humira shots and have given myself methotrexate shots in the past).  I still went over there to let them give the shots though, just in case.

I’m really worried that this cycle will be cancelled.  It’s very hard to stay focused and positive when I know things are not going well.  I’ve read a few stories of women with not very many eggs who’ve still had enough to fertilize and grow to Day 3.  But I bet there are WAY more stories of things not working out.

One thought on “IVF #2, Not enough growth

  1. Hang in there. I’m sorry things aren’t going as well as they could be, but I hope you see improvement soon and don’t have to cancel this cycle. Sending you hugs!

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