IVF#2, Meds are HERE

So, the meds are here!  I spent the morning, with the house VERY quiet, to make sure I could hear the FedEx truck (he came once while I was in the bedroom, watching TV while folding one load of laundry with another in the washer and another in the dryer, and I didn’t hear him at all.  That time, he was just leaving shoes.  This time, it’s a BIT more important, so no laundry!).  I have a shit-ton of meds this time, including 77 vials of Gonal F.  Last time, I did 75 IUs of Follistim (I think) for 3 days.  Since I have 7 days worth and it’s supposed to last 11 days, by my maths, I’ll be taking up to or more than 525 IUs of Gonal F a day.  Since it’s my understanding that these meds are very similar, this is a pretty big increase. I can already feel my ovaries getting ready to GROW, big and full of follicles with eggs in ’em.

So, my cost, thus far, for the second IVF is:

$3400 deposit for IVF procedure

$5357.44 for medications (so far).

I’m still missing some prednisone and the Lovenox, I think, so I guess the price will go up to about $6000 or so.  Also, I don’t have enough insurance money to pay for the whole cycle, so I’ll end up paying more once this is all done (oh please, let that bill including the cost of freezing embryos). I’ll find out more about meds and dosing when I go to the office on Saturday and get my calendar.  I am getting excited about this cycle.  I mean a 40% chance that I’ll get a baby is way bigger than the one in 175.7 million for the Mega Millions lottery right now (yes, I have a ticket.  Wish me luck!) and people are tweeting about how they’re going to spend the money and standing in line at “lucky” stores.  In fact, if you think about a 2 in 5 chance compared to 1 in 175.7 million, I think that means I’m practically statistically already pregnant! :0)

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