IVF #2, FSH 21

I saw the RE on Tuesday (it’s been a crazy busy week, so this is the first moment I’ve had to pause and reflect). She said that my FSH is 21. Last time, it was 5.3! The doc thinks this high number is due to 1 of 3 things or maybe a combination of these 3:

1. They used a different lab because they were still getting set up in their new building.
2. My immune system might have been all wacky that day and the FSH showed that.
3. It’s just wrong, as in the number, the test, or something is just wrong.

She said that she wouldn’t expect to see that big of a change from this time to last time. And, since the only thing you do for high FSH is hurry to IVF and I’m already doing IVF, well, there we are.

So, one more thing to worry/not worry about. I told DH, I’m going with the it doesn’t matter what it means interpretation, and that I hope I get SO MANY EGGS! that I show just how wrong it was in the first place.


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