Welcome, ICLW-ers!

To my fellow ICLW-ers, and everyone else of course, welcome!  I’m glad that you stopped by my blog and I look forward to knowing more about you.

So, what about me?  Right now, I’m at the very beginning of my second IVF cycle.  My first failed, perhaps due to immune issues with implantation.  I have an autoimmune condition (psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis), some mutations (MTHFR and some other coagulant thing), and slightly diminished ovarian reserve (only 5 eggs retrieved the first cycle).

I’m currently, as my RE says, throwing everything in the book at this 2nd IVF cycle.  I’m taking tons of vitamins and DHEA, added in baby aspirin and Metformin.  At some point, I’ll also be taking Lovonox too! I’m also adding in intralipids and taking the steroids around transfer time for longer (The RE and I think I had a flare after stopping the steroids too soon last time).

I’m also doing yoga (instead of acupuncture).  I’m working really hard in the gym and with my diet to get my BMI down (was at 29.5%, down to 28.6% in one month!).

Oh, and other than obsessing about my ovaries and my uterus and all of that, I’m working on my PhD, currently writing my dissertation.  I love my dogs (2 schnauzers), my wonderful DH, and my two stepchildren.  I’m not quite as fond of needles and am taking bets this cycle on exactly how many times I will willingly allow someone or purposefully poke my self with a sharp pointy object.  Think of it like one of those fair games where you have to guess how many gum balls are in the jar.  I haven’t decided on a prize yet, but I’m sure it will be wonderful, like maybe an empty sharps container or a pack of band-aids.

Right now, I’m just taking Metformin and birth control pills and reading all about you all and your journeys to where you are right now.


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