IVF #2, 5 Days Until Out of BCP (The First Round)

Today, when I looked at my little purple pack of pills and realized that I only have to take 5 more of those little buggers, well, I got down right excited.  I know that I’ll (apparently) have to take more at the end of February/beginning of March, but I’m still really excited to know that I’m making my way down the line to actually doing something to move on with this.

I know we all talk about it and think about it, but time is SO WEIRD when you’re dealing with infertility.  2 weeks seems like a lifetime, but then before you know it, 2 years have gone by and you realize that you’ve had upwards of 20 (or 30 or 40 or more) unsuccessful cycles.

I went to my dermatologist today and found out that a medication he’d just give me (Vectical*) is not good for pregnant ladies, at least in the first trimesters.  Good thing I got that update, since I’d have been slathering that stuff back on the first time I’d thought a flare was coming on.  He and his wife went through IVF, though you wouldn’t know it since he’s pretty much like “I V What?”  I guess we can guess how involved he was in the getting pregnant process.  (Men!  Sheesh!  Why aren’t they obsessed with our ovaries like we are??)  He also said that he thought it’d be fine for me to be on the steroids longer, which is what I think I was supposed to find out.  I don’t know why doctors tell patients to go ask doctors questions.  I doubt I asked the question at all the right way.

Anyway, this time next week, I should be getting my period, then it’s onto Step 2 in the IVF process.

* I think I forgot to tell about the magic of Vectical + Clobex.  My psoriasis is WAY better after using that stuff.  I’ve never seen such dramatic improvement from a topical medication.

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