IVF Cycle #2, Day 1

So, we’re there, one entire day late, today.  I just started my period this morning.  I have an ultrasound and some bloodwork tomorrow and start BCP on Saturday.  I’ll do the BCP until the end of February, then once I start my period again, I start stimulation.  This time, I’m doing Metformin and some other stuff that’s different (that I can’t remember right now).


In other news, on day 12 of the diet, I’m down 5 pounds.  That puts me down 10 pounds total since January 1.  This really feels good.
Making progress helps me stay on track.  I went to my favorite store today, with my $20 coupon, and bought a few much needed tops, including one to wear out to dinner for DH’s birthday.  Hopefully, by then, I’ll be almost another 5 pounds lighter.  I’m going to try to get to yoga twice this weekend, on top of my usual working out.

Back to IVF news, I’ve decided to do yoga to relax instead of acupuncture.  I just didn’t get out of acupuncture what I think other people get out of it.  I might do a few acu sessions right before the retrieval and at transfer.   But maybe not.

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