My Advice Post

I missed doing this yesterday, in honor SOPA/PIPA (See here), but here’s my advice:  Good food should be simple.

I wrote that once for a work thing, where we were supposed to give love advice to some newlyweds.  My advice was ixnayed from the book for said couple since it “wasn’t about love.”  I contend that it is.  Simple good food is love.  Being able to create and accept simple pleasures and simple things in life, like a meal, makes for a good relationship.  It can’t all been 20 course, 80 ingredient meals.  Sometimes, really, the best things are so, so simple. Like snuggling with my DH right before I go to sleep, like I’m about to do now.


In baby-making news (or actually not-baby-making news):  I have a zit.  Right on schedule for not being pregnant this month.  At least that bright red dot on my chin that I’ve seen in the morning for the past two days has kept me from rationalizing going out and wasting $10 on a FRER because “they’re the most accurate!  And, I’m probably 8 DPO, right??!!! It has to work this time, right?  We don’t need IVF again, do we???!!!?”


Also, my family had tentative plans to go to DC to see the cherry blossoms.  Well, guess who’ll potentially, maybe, perhaps be at retrieval near the time we’d figured we might be able to go?  Yep, that’s right!  I’m so darned inconvenient!  Thank goodness the plans were still very iffy and maybe it will still workout, once I have my “protocol.”  Given my luck, I’m sure  it won’t work like that.  I’ll probably have to visit with Wandy on my birthday, even.  Happy Birthday to you, here’s an ultrasound and an egg count!  Happy Birthday to you! Don’t forget your 3-4 required needle sticks, with complementary bruises, and your really expensive bill!

I keed, I keed.  I know I’m luckier than many, many people in this world and I really am grateful for that.  The fact that I can even do two IVFs is pretty amazing.  Still.  it’d be nice to get a “free baby,” which is a phrase I’m stealing from Rachel because I think it’s hilarious.

7 thoughts on “My Advice Post

  1. Think about this. Sex and oxygen
    are the only truly free things in the world and we found a way to screw it up. Lol

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