Vitamin D and Confusion

So, I went for my check up with my OB/GYN last week.  He said that all the blood test results from the RE (gotta love when Mom and Dad argue in front of the kids) were “nonspecific” and “typically no big deal” and that he would only recommend that I take a low dose aspirin (81 mg) every day while pregnant.  He said it seemed to him that one of the results (the lupus anti-coagulant) showed that my real problem is inflammation, not anything to do with blood clotting disorders.  He said that he’d like to know more about my inflammation (low Vit D is linked to high inflammation) and would just rule out blood clotting issues.

And, you ladies who have gone through infertility and identifying its cause(s) know what came next:  another needle stick for yet MORE blood work.

It turns out that my homocysteine levels are normal, which means that I likely don’t have any problems with blood clotting.  Good news, yes.  Take that, MHTFR!  I don’t even have to care about you (Dad, aka OB/GYN, says 5% of women have that genetic mutation and most of the time it doesn’t cause any problems at all).

But, my Vitamin D levels are really, really low (26).  So, now I have to take daily calcium with Vitamin D and once a week have a giant dose of Vitamin D, then get my Vit D levels checked again in 3 months to see if all this Vitamin D is doing anything.

I wish I had a magic genie who could tell me what all this means and what I should do.  Should I keep on taking the Vitamin D and then wait to do IVF once I get the follow up bloodwork done?  It seems to me that would be a good idea.  But maybe, I should just get on into the office and get things taken care of, regardless of how my vitamin D levels look.  The link, as far as I can tell, between Vitamin D and infertility is somewhat shaky and mostly linked to ovulation.  I’m ovulating, at least as far as I can tell, every month… but maybe the vitamin D will make the eggs mo’ bettah.  Who knows, really?  I do know that I’ll keep taking the Vit D and all the other vitamins and I’ll be sunbathing, even in January.  Thank goodness I live in the South, where sunbathing in January could potentially be really nice.  We have had temperatures in the 60s and 70s for the past 2 weeks.  I’ve been outside enjoying the weather, but now I guess I’ll be outside with a purpose.


4 thoughts on “Vitamin D and Confusion

  1. Dr Ben Lynch has been doing a lot of research on MTHFR, I have 2 copies of C677T and will be starting IVF #2 this summer. It’s some really interesting reading if your interested…

    Good luck today with your transfer!

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