Not Being Pregnant Is So Boring

When I first started doing all this charting and TWW tracking and all this stuff, it was so exciting. I had to much to do — google to search, temperatures to take, CM to examine carefully (watery?  creamy?  vag gold?), FF to keep up with, symptoms to track, breasts to push on to determine relative amount of tenderness.  I mean, I was busy.  Now, I’m just kicking it along, with my only getting pregnant chores being putting the first day of my period into my phone app that tracks my cycle and checking out my savings account to make sure I’ll be able to give a bunch of cash away on Jan 15.

So.Boring.  I mean, come on!  There has to be something else for me to do, right?  Suggestions, anyone?  (I’m kidding.  I’ve been really busy, but nothing I’ve been doing has anything to do with getting or being pregnant.  I’m pretty sure I actually had sex with my husband, but I have no idea if that happened anywhere near when I might have theoretically ovulated an egg that a sperm could get to).

I’m guessing I won’t have much to blog about until it gets closer to the 2nd IVF.  Until then, I’ll just be reading along.  A bunch of the blogs I read now about about pregnant ladies getting very close to being first time moms, and their lives seem way more exciting than mine right now, at least in the fertility department



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