When you need to drink wine…

So, I’ve been gluten free for exactly 2 weeks today.  Mostly gluten free I should say, since I forgot that there is gluten in gravy and on the french fried onion string things.  But other than that, gluten free.  I’m not doing this for a real gluten allergy that I think might be happening, but because I read something about gluten and psoriasis.  My psoriasis is still completely nuts after those steroids from that IVF cycle back in August.  I’m desperate to do anything to get it back to its usual state of just really annoying.  So, it’s back to bleach baths (mmm, yes, that bleach-y smell you’re smelling, that’s me!) and now I’m adding in avoiding gluten.  If the weather stays nice, I might have to sunbathe in November (yes, one of the many perks of living in the South — this is a possibility).

So, this former beer-with-dinner girl is now a I’d like a glass of Pinot Gringio, please with dinner gal.  See, I don’t really like wine that much and definitely don’t like red wine (if that’s the secret to getting implantation to work, I’m SOL), so the only thing I can stand is really cold Pinot Grigio.  Liquor gives me a headache. Beer is full of gluten (though I hear there is gluten free beer available somewhere). So, wine it is.  I could just not drink anything, I suppose.  But damn, there are babies all over the world (except in my uterus), I have a million papers to grade, my house is a neverending mess, one of my students called two VPs to complain about me not getting back in touch with her (I guess emailing her back 8 hours after she wrote me the first time was too much of a delay), and sometimes a girl just needs a glass of wine.

Speaking of babies, this baby should win the prize for the cutest baby ever.  I mean, come on, even if you are a proud momma and think your baby is cute… you gotta admit, this baby just might be a little bit cuter.  Look at that face!  I’m totally in love with this baby.

5 thoughts on “When you need to drink wine…

  1. That is a damn cute baby.

    I’m all about finding the fake. Find that fake beer! I get the best decaf coffee I can find to try and trick myself into thinking I’m drinking the real stuff. It’ not the caffiene I need, I just like the flavor and want something hot the drink.

    • Oh, yeah, decaf coffee. I see that again in my future very soon. I have to quit caffeine before the next IVF, so I’ve been drinking coffee and tea like I could save up some caffeine in the future. I think I do need to find that fake beer. I wonder if saki would be a good substitute?

  2. haha, some people have very strange feeling of time passage. My MIL sent me an email the other day, claiming I never responded to her week-old email. Puzzled, I checked. This email arrived on the 18th; the previous one – on the 16th. Sheesh…

    • I know! I totally don’t get what the student was complaining about. I guess your MIL expects you to write back as soon as she sends it… which is not really possible. You’ve got chairs to re-cover!

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