I wish that I were in Hogwarts many times.  Yes, I know Voldemort/Tom Riddle is a total PITA but everything else is pretty sweet.  Plus, if I were in Harry Potter, then I could use my wand and shout RIDDIKULUS! at anything the boggart presented to me and it would just immediately turn into something funny.  That’d be pretty neat, right?

Well, we finally made a somewhat solid decision and are going to do the IVF in the January/February cycle.  I am already dreading the daily round of shots and the constant visits with Wandy.  I’m still crazy/hopeful enough that I’m not going to go pay the money for the IVF or start the BCP until I actually start my period this month.  Crazy because, yeah, right, 2 weeks of baby aspirin will magically fix me (I bet Hermione knows a spell for infertility.  She went to the library…).  Hopeful, because why can’t I have that story, that “she was all set to do her second IVF after a miserable failure the first time…” story.

The biggest concern I have about this, is that we’ll fork out yet more money (if I can’t qualify for free drugs, that will be over $20,000 we’ve spent (total) for 2 medicated cycles, 1 IUI cycle, and 2 IVF cycles.  That’s the price WITH insurance.  Once the insurance is up, I don’t really know what our options will be.

If there was a boggart in front of me right now, it’d turn into a negative pregnancy test with a $20,000 price tag.  Now, how did that spell go…?


2 thoughts on “Riddikulus!

  1. Damn, That is a scarey price tag with insurance! If only we could riddikulus our worries away. I can’t imagine having to go beyond that. Well, I can’t imagine being able to.

    I really want to go to Harry Potter land (can’t remember what they actually call it but that’s stuck in my head).

    • Oh, we’re stopping there. If this one doesn’t work, then we’ll just have to let this go until one of us wins the lottery or gets an inheritance or something. DH has talked about surrogates in a positive way, which is a good thing, but I know we can’t afford one of those right now.

      I want to go to Harry Potter land too (the park in Orlando is what I’m thinking of). No one else in my family is all that interested, so I’m going to have to recruit a Harry Potter friend to go with me.

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