2 Answers, Many Questions

So, I had been wondering if my friend, who was trying to get pregnant, was pregnant.  She is.

My other friend, who has fibromyalgia, has been trying since last summer or the summer before… and she’s pregnant now too.   She just announced it on FB by talking about how much she hated her first trip to BabiesRUs.  There are worst ways to let people know, I guess.

So those questions have been answered.  But the ones I’m really interested in are still out there.  Ones like:

  • Should I do IVF in January or March?   (the reason for this question follows)
  • Can a person with a messed up tube, the start of diminished ovarian reserve,  and a bunch of blood mutations get pregnant WITHOUT IVF?
  • Should I go back and see the doctor again to ask her those two questions?  (Like her answer will be anything other than, “January,” and “No!! The reason why I told you last time to do IVF in January is because you are all kinds of to’ up and need some help. Big Help!”).
  • Why is my tooth still hurting?  Could cold sensitivity that develops after a filling be anything other than something that needs a root canal? (That one just keeps sneaking in there, even when I’m trying to think of other things.  Aching teeth are so annoying.  I refuse to ask Dr. Google because I’m scared of the answer).
  • How many more people will get pregnant before I even try my second IVF?
  • How does one go about finding/funding a surrogate?  Can I just put an ad up on Craiglist? Would it say:  Womb needed.  Must be nonsmoker and willing to quit drinking for 10 months or so.  Must be willing to get knocked up by my husband and me, but we’ll pay you for it.  As we are not rich, we can pay you with tree cutting services, nursing, cobbler/cookie making, and editing?
Well, those are the ones I have right now.  For real, I’ve tried googling MHTFR + blood clotting disorders and PREGNANT, but most of them lead me to ladies discussing IVF.  I’m guess if you add in my other two factors (busted up ole lefty tube and decreasing numbers of eggs), and you get a slim chance at best.
If I were on Big Love Season 4, Dr. Rocket would have had me knocked up without me having to do anything except take one progesterone shot.  He’s good like that.

2 thoughts on “2 Answers, Many Questions

  1. How long ago did you get your tooth filled? Most filling materials continue expanding for a bit after the procedure for better cavity filling (otherwise bacteria can re-start the harmful processes) – and this internal pressure can be somewhat painful. I hope that’s all it is.

    As to other questions… I’ll leave those to the more knowledgeable ones. Hope you get some good news.

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