I’m a Mutant

Well, I’ve always suspected it, but now I know it’s true:  I’m a mutant.  No, I don’t have any cool powers, like Storm or Wolverine.  But, I do have some messed up genetics.

The bloodwork showed that I’m heterozygous for MTHFR, with one copy each of the C677T and A1298C mutations.  I also have some problem with Anti-Phosphatidylethenaolmine (say that 10 times fast!  GO!) with the issue in my IgG levels (normal result is is 0-10, mine is 34.3.  Anything above 20 is elevated).  In the Lupus Anticoagulant tests, my Plasminogen Act Inhibitor 1 and Dilute Prothrombin Time are higher than they should be.

What does all this mean?  Well, I’m still figuring all that out.  Here’s what I’ve got so far:  The MTHFR mutations mean that my body can’t hang on to folic acid.  The treatment?  Take lots of folic acid.  The other mutations mean that I’m prone to clotting and that can impede implantation and carrying past week 6 or so (general risks outside of pregnancy are higher rate of heart attacks and thrombosis).  The treatment?  SHOTS EVERY DAY WHILE PREGNANT.  Yep.  That’s right.  My doc says I need to take Metformin while stimming and also Lovenox once I get to transfer.  She said I’d need the Lovenox until at least week 8 of a pregnancy, but that if she were my OB/GYN, she’d continue the shots until Month 8, if not all the way through.  I just can’t get away from needles.

That’s all once the IVF stuff starts.  I’m also on a cocktail of vitamins and such right now.  Here’s my daily medications:

  • Aspirin, 81 mg (“baby aspirin”)
  • Prenatals with extra Folic Acid (1 mg)
  • More Folic Acid
  • B-vitamin complex (with B6 and B12)
  • DHEA, 50 mg (that’s for low ovarian reserve, not blood clotting)
So, yeah, that’s were we are for right now.  I think we’ll do the IVF in January if we can get the cash together in time and it that feels like the right time.  I may wait for the March cycle, I can’t decide.  My insurance money is almost out. I have enough for one more cycle’s medical costs, but not enough for drugs and medical costs.

8 thoughts on “I’m a Mutant

  1. Hey girl! I’m so glad you were able to find out what’s going on with your body! That was one of the scariest things for me as well. I was diagnosed with MTHFR heterozygous A1298C myself and I take a medicine called Deplin to make sure I get enough folic acid as well as Neevo DHA.
    I am also on shots daily and a cocktail of vitamins, so I understand…but you get used to it! It’s not too bad and so worth it at the end of the day 🙂
    Thinking about you!!!

    • Thanks for your reply! I was glad to click over to your page and see that you are pregnant. I’m looking forward to reading more of your blog and finding out about your story. The doc didn’t mention any special medication, but I’ll have to look into Deplin to see what that does. I’m sure I can have that added in, if I need to.

  2. I am sorry it’s such a bouquet of freaking stuff…

    On the brighter side (because that’s where we always should look, right?) – looks like they finally figured out what’s wrong – which is probably far, far better than all those ‘unexplained IF’ cases…

    Sounds like you have a plan – I am keeping my fingers crossed!!!

  3. oh, that sucks. I’m still waiting to hear if I have two different types of thrombophilia or one. Hoping for just the one or the specialist said he’d put me on heparin for my entire pregnancy until 6 weeks after. I seriously don’t think I could give myself a needle.

    On the up side, we can make you a cape.

    • Haha, yes, a cape would be way better than those yellow body suits the original X-Men ran around in.

      I also hope that you just have the one… Are you taking 81 mg of Aspirin everyday or did they talk about that at all with you?

  4. It’s no fun to have all of those medications and diagnoses on one hand, but on the other – I think it’s great that you caught all of this early and you’re being treated for it. All of this just increases your chances for a better outcome next time around, so yay!

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