Fat Injection

So, I went for my “failed IVF appointment” today (they love the phrase “failed IVF” there). I went in with the negative reviews floating in the the back of my mind, but, really, the whole office was great.  I think the negative reviews I talked about last time are from people who don’t understand the process and that sometimes when we’re all stressed out, it seems like a good idea to think “they should’ve done more” but that may not be possible or reasonable.  The RE was totally nice, offered lots of options, listened to me and was, in general, awesome.

The verdict seems to be that my wonky immune system is striking again.  Because, you know, the gift of psoriasis at age 5 and psoriatic arthritis at age 17 weren’t enough… we have to add this little complication in the mix.

It looks like my body is likely stopping implantation.  I do have “slightly older ovaries,” but my eggs were all metaphase 2 (or something) and “perfect.”  Combined with the 80% fertilization rate, and you have the makings for a good baby…in other ladies.

I have another big round of bloodwork  (my “failed IVF bloodwork,” they call it) coming up, this time looking for Natural Killer Cells (scary sounding, isn’t it?) and other immuno issues.  I have to fast for 16 hours again (such fun)  before the bloodwork, then make an appointment for follow up after that.

Then, depending on what that says, I’ll be changing the protocol next time.  To include:


No, I’m not kidding.  Next time, I’ll add in having fat directly infused into my body because it’s supposed to help immuno challenged ladies like me.  Who knew?  I didn’t. In all my blog reading and IVF research, I never saw anything about being injected with fat to help get pregnant.  But, apparently, it works for lots of women.  So, now, I have a new search word and new blogs to catch up on.

You’d think, if you saw me, that I already have enough fat cells, but apparently, getting them IV infused is a bit different than just eating 6 Krispy Kreme doughnuts every 20 minutes or something.  Mmm, doughnuts.  Since I’m doing weightwatchers again, I think just writing about doughnuts means I’ve used my extra points for the week or something.

2 thoughts on “Fat Injection

  1. Did you laugh at the Dr when they said that? I’d have thought they were pulling my leg! How unfair is it that you can’t just eat fattier (aka it tastes better). As strange as it sounds, I really hope it helps.

    IV fat infusion…sounds like a cross between funny and WTF?

    • Well, the doc said that I’d be getting “intralipids,” and I got home and found out that “intralipids” means fat injections. You’re totally right — it’s a cross between funny and WTF!

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