12dp3dt: BFN, Beta later today

So, I caved and took a POAS test this AM, just so I’d be mentally prepared for the news I’ll be getting later today.  It was a BFN, though I thought, for a second that there was a hint of  a second line.  I think that shadow could be named wishful thinking.  The test I took is one of the internet cheapies, so I have no idea of the sensitivity.  I think they’re supposed to be super sensitive, but when I tested out my trigger on my first medicated cycle, I only had a positive result for 3 days (what does that mean?  who knows???).

Anyway, I go for my beta today and am going to ask that they leave a message with the results so DH and I can hear them together.

The only hope that I have comes from my spotting that has almost completely gone (since yesterday).  I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything either.  I hate all this uncertainty.  Today is going to be a tough day.

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