8d3dt: Spotting begins

So I know that spotting can be normal and expected and happen even while taking the progesterone shots.  I know that in my head.

But in my heart, the spotting signals the end. It has come every other time before I started my period and wasn’t pregnant, so why would this time be different?

I’m so utterly sad.  I am trying to hold on to hope that maybe I’m just dead wrong and we’ll get some wonderful news on Wednesday.  It just seems so unlikely though.

DH says stay positive.  Imagine the little embryos burying their way into my lining and hanging on, about to grow and grow and grow.  I’m trying to do that, I really am.  But thoughts of how it will feel on Wednesday to hear that this didn’t work keep breaking up this vision.  I am just going to get some work done and try not to think about any of this at all.


4 thoughts on “8d3dt: Spotting begins

  1. I am sorry to hear you have these worries to battle. I really hope they’re just normal spotting. I did have some spotting around implantation and the around the AF time.

    Hang in there – it’s not all lost until it’s lost!


  2. Thanks. I hoped it was implantation spotting too, especially since it starting on 9dp3dt, but it’s still continuing. Stupid spotting. I guess it’s my body’s way of making sure I don’t keep my hopes up too long. I was entirely too happy and hopeful before…

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