3 and 1dp3dt

What you’re seeing in this picture are our 3 embryos.  We lost one from Day 2 to Day 3 and this is the picture of the embryos from the morning of the transfer.

We transferred all 3:  1 8 cell, grade B and 2 6 cells, grade C.  Apparently all that grade stuff doesn’t mean that you can’t or won’t get pregnant, just that the grade As are more likely to continue to develop.

Of course, I’m already completely enamored of all 3 and want them all to keep growing and to stay.  I go for my Beta on Aug 31 and until then, I’m going to stay focused on all 3 of them growing and growing and growing.

I’m still taking the Progesterone in Oil (1 cc every night), Doxycycline, and Medrol.  Only 3 more days of the Medrol and Doxy, then it will just be the PIO, I think.

I did acupuncture before and after the transfer.  The transfer went fine, except that I was supposed to go at 10 AM and went at 11: 15 or so instead.  I had drank 30 ounces of water and a tea that morning, so I was in excruciating pain from having to pee.  I had to use a bedpan at one point (gross).  That is one part of the IVF process they should think a little more carefully about, I think…


4 thoughts on “3 and 1dp3dt

  1. you had to hold all this liquid until transfer is complete? yikes!

    I went for an ultrasound recently, drank 1 liter of water, arrived there at 6:30 am (as I was instructed) only to find out that they don’t even open until 7 am. By 6:50 I was almost in tears!!!

    Poor you… for the amount of money you’re paying, they indeed should’ve thought this through much, much better!!!

    Anyway… Sending lots of happy thoughts your way, wishing for those little triplets to spread their “roots” into you and stay put for 8 months (triplets never stay the whole 9 months, right? :)))

    • It was really, really awful. I felt like such a complainer, but every time they ultrasounded my bladder they said “Whoa, you’re really full.” Like I needed that information.

      Thanks for the happy thoughts!

    • Thank you!

      It was painful. I was the one who was mean. By the end, I told my husband to go tell the nurses that I was completely over being flat on my back and to get me to a toilet NOW. Poor guy.

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