4 out of 5

So, I called my mom and my husband today and said 4 out of 5 eggs agree that fertilization is the place to be.

While this types out nicely, it doesn’t translate on the phone.  They both said “What?”  Then I had to explain it in regular terms.  The point is, I said, that of the 5 eggs they retrieved, 4 of them fertilized.  So, if they keep on growing and keep multiplying, all 4 of them, then we’ll have enough for this cycle and one FET.

At which point, they both said, “What?” again.  Sheesh, you’d think I was speaking a different language or something.  I explained to them that these results aren’t like WOW good, but they are pretty good, especially since we have 4 fertilized right now.

Since I didn’t post yesterday, I’ll do a quick synopsis of my retrieval:  It was quick.  Seriously.  I was in the back getting an IV started at 9:15 and was awake and texting the number of eggs to my mom and husband at 9:54.  The nurse anesthetist didn’t believe me when I told her that I’m a hard stick and to use the vein on my left arm behind my thumb, so she stuck me 2 other places first… then she listened to me.  I forgive her though because I’m sure most patients act like they know more than she does and they’re normally wrong.  The worst part was that first stick (back of hand, OW).  Other than that, I’ve only had a little cramping that’s easily solved with a little tylenol/pain med.

I start the progesterone shots tonight, then go for transfer on Saturday (likely).  I’m very excited to think about what will happen between now and Saturday.  Grade AAA or whatever the system is, that’s what I want!  Multiply, embies, multiply!


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