Night Before Retrieval

It was the night before the retrieval, and all through the house, not a creature was stirring… except for DH who was steadily typing away on some big plans for a meeting that he has at 7 AM.

I had this notion in my head that the night before retrieval would be exciting.  But really, the exciting part of the day has been my excellent fish tacos

(tilapia, pico de gallo and creamy chipotle, all on a corn tortilla!) and DH’s many job interviews.  He’s a nurse and applied for about 10 jobs and already has 5 interviews.  As an English teacher, I am completely baffled by this.  I mean, isn’t he supposed to have to beg for a job and work for years as an adjunct, getting paid less than the cashier at the grocery store, and then finally, finally get an interview, just to be told that they’d really like someone who had more experience as a full-time faculty?  (That didn’t happen to me, but it happens to plenty of folks.  There should be a I’m A Teacher in the Humanities telethon, for sure).

The other exciting thing about my day is that only ONE person at ONE time poked me with a sharp, pointy object.  Ah, bliss.  I have decided, without a doubt, that I’m not fond of needles.  It’s not that they’re so awful or that painful, it’s just that I hate it.  It’s like signing up for bee stings.  Who wants to sign up for bee stings?

So, anyway, I’m off to retrieval tomorrow at 9 AM.  I can’t eat after midnight, so I’m going to have a big snack right now.  Then, I’m going to read (Book Two of the George R R Martin A Song of Fire and Ice series, A Clash of Kings.  So wonderful) and hopefully get a lot of sleep.  Tomorrow is the day my eggs will be on camera and all.  They need their beauty rest.


6 thoughts on “Night Before Retrieval

  1. “Who wants to sign up for bee stings?”
    I am actually sitting here on a couch, laughing :))))

    I wish you the best egg retrieval in history of humankind to date!!!!

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