Stim Day 11, AKA Last Day of Stims

Well, tonight’s the night!  It’s trigger day.  I’ve been continuing to stim since I last checked in.  My left ovary got a slow start there (went from 4 to like barely 2 and is now up to a “happy” level).  I don’t know how many eggs to expect at retrieval because, as I’ve mentioned before, my RE doesn’t like me to focus on numbers.  Me being me, I can guess and my guess is around 8.  Maybe more, maybe less.  Not wonderful, but I’ll take it.

We go in for retrieval on Wednesday and then will transfer either Saturday or Monday.  My job and my sanity would prefer Monday, but I know Monday means blasts, which is better!  So, I’m hoping for Monday!

So good thoughts and wishes for multiplying cells much appreciated.


4 thoughts on “Stim Day 11, AKA Last Day of Stims

    • Looks like my RE is a big fan of the 3 day transfer. At this point, I no longer care enough to ask why. I just say WHEN and HOW LONG? I figure she’s done this oh, about, a gazillion more times than me, so whatever she says goes. So, now, it SHOULD be Saturday. I won’t know until later today.

      Thanks for the hopes of multitude of eggs. I had a dream last night that she got out 40 and said “they must have been hiding on the ultrasound” Those sneaky follicles! 🙂

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