Stim Day 6: 11 follicles

I don’t know if I’ve expressed this in a way that makes sense, but my RE’s office is very reticent to give too much information.  I think that they know all women who have had trouble getting pregnant turn into google psychos, and they figure they less we have to google the less we will call them in a panic.

Up until now, I’ve been okay with that.  Okay, I’ve been better than okay, I’ve been GREAT, HAPPY, ECSTATIC about that.  I used to belong to a website, full of women and information and I let my membership expire because having that much information just made me feel bad.  I can’t CHANGE anything because of it, so I don’t think knowing it matters too much.

I am impatient.  I am a planner.  I need to know, or I think I do, what will happen tomorrow and what will happen next week and when things will happen.

But the fact is, I can’t know.  They don’t know.  All they know is right now, I have 11 good sized follicles and my bloodwork looks okay. I go back for more bloodwork tomorrow and on Friday, the doctor (instead of the tech) starts doing my ultrasounds and I should be in for retrieval on Monday or Tuesday.

Speaking of 11, when I started this process, I had the strangest wish for there to be a prime number of follicles (that wish right now is easily given up for there just to be MORE of them, though I think 11 is a good number for Stim Day 6 from what I read).   Apparently, I’m not the only one who likes prime numbers:

There’s the favorite number project going on, and there’s this article about the results.  Neat stuff.

Oh yeah, and update on meds:

Today, Stim Day 6, 4 vials (300 iui) Follistim, 15 units Low Dose HCG

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