5.3 FSH, 18 antral follicles

So I called for my BW today, and I found out that all my results are “fine.”  The only one I knew to ask about for a specific number was FSH and it was 5.3.  This website says that anything below 6 is a good number, so I’m feeling pretty good about that.  Also, I had 18 follicles (antral) on my baseline ultrasound, so things are looking good.

I was feeling a little down last night, and this is definitely good news to have today.


4 thoughts on “5.3 FSH, 18 antral follicles

    • You know, I have absolutely no idea! Yippee! I have no clue. 🙂 🙂 🙂 It’s so nice to not be obsessed about any of that.

      The post that you commented on, about my bloodwork results and follicle count, was for my CD 3 baseline results. For IVF, you have to do all this baseline stuff, then they take your blood practically every day when you’re taking the meds and compare that to the baseline, looking for certain numbers to go up (E2, or estradiol, is one of them I think). So, that post was about CD 3, which makes me sometime after CD 3!

      • ah, so that’s different then from what I went through – I was always well aware of CD throughout the cycle – because they would trigger ovulation when the time comes… I guess it’s different with IVF!

  1. No IVF is the same, if not more detail oriented. It just comes later this summer for me as I get to all the counting the days stuff in August. Right now, I’m in the “we control your period through birth control pills” phase. That means I’ll not have a period for 42 days! I’m so excited since I’ve had a period every 21-25 days for the past 18 months. I will know way too much about my cycle very soon…

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