Second day of Birth Control Pills

So, I started my birth control pills last night, and I already feel like crap.  I hate those things and have no idea how other women take them for years and years on end.  I’m considering calling my RE and begging her to let me use the Nuvaring.  I mean, really, what can be so different?  They both control my cycle and they both prevent pregnancy.

I know, I know, it’ll all be worth it.  But what’s a blog for if I don’t get to bitch and moan a little bit???

In other news, I’ve been to acupuncture 4 times now.  It obviously is not magic since I’m not magically pregnant.  It is relaxing.  Last time, I think he forgot about me because I was in there for like 40 minutes.  I totally fell asleep.  He seems to be mostly focused on helping with my arthritis, which is fine.  Whatever he’s doing is making my shoulders hurt a little less, though I haven’t seen any big differences, really, in any thing.  I’m just going to think of acupuncture as fancy meditation… or maybe an expensive nap.

Between acu and all the ultrasounds, I really must invest in more work skirts.  See, for both of these things I have to undress from either the waist up or the waist down.  Since I live in SC, pants are pretty much a NO during summer (too hot!).  Last summer, I wore dresses to work all summer… but now, I’m having to wear one of my 3 skirts every day I have an U/S or Acu… which has turned out to be a lot of days…

In other news, later this week, I will be researching my protocol.  I’m not doing Lupron, which is the medicine I kept hearing about. I’m doing Follistim and Lodos (spelling?).  I’d like to know what this protocol is called…

One thought on “Second day of Birth Control Pills

  1. My Dr put me on Nuvaring because I’d get the equivalent of insaine morning sickness every day with regular pills. Turned out that the non-oral method fixed that up (YAY). But I still hate being on BC. It licks balls (now starting to wonder if that is a common expression or if I’m just going to sound strange). I justr hate the side effects of being on it.

    Did your Dr give a reason against it, or did you not ask at the time?

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