Cycle Day Unknown!

So, I am not keeping track of my cycle this time, at all. I had to look on my phone (I have a cycle tracking app) Wed to answer the IVF nurse’s question about when my period is due.  It feels great.  I’m tired of knowing how many more days until my period starts.  Who needs to know that, really???

Wednesday’s appointment was all about IVF.  The RE walked in and said, “how long have you been trying?”  I answered, “a year and a half, but that’s 24 cycles for me.”  She replied, “That’s not good.”  HA!  I’ve been telling DH that exact same thing for months now.

We’re set for IVF in August.  I call when my period starts, then go on BCP (ugh, I hate BCP. I tried to talk them into letting me use Nuvaring, but no.  I must take pills). End of July/Beginning of August, we start all the meds for ovarian stimulation (which in my head sounds like the beginning of a summer blockbuster advertisement… IN A WORLD…!).  Then I go live with the RE for a month, or close to it.

I’m thinking I will do acupuncture with this cycle. I’m way too rational (translation: skeptical) to think acu is magic, but I do think that it might be calming. I could use some calm.  Calm is nice.  Bring on the calm, but don’t charge me too much for it.  Speaking of charging, I think I’m going to sell stuff on e-bay to help pay for all this.

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